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New Patients

First Visit

At Top Ryde Chiropractic and Sydney chiropractic you will be greeted warmly by our staff and given a client intake questionaire to complete. It would help if you could arrive 15 min prior to your appointment to complete this.

The aim of the First Visit is to establish the underlying cause of your condition, your health goals and assess how chiropractic can help you.

Your chiropractor Sydney will take a full case history and conduct a thorough physical examination including spinal exam, structural analysis, neurological and orthopaedic tests. You will discuss with your chiropractor the events that have led to current problems you are experiencing, any health concerns, accidents or surgery, all of which assists in determining your current level of health.
Please bring any relevant documentation, X-rays, CT scans and MRIs to assist your chiropractor for ultimate results.

Full spinal digital X-rays

If necessary, you will be referred for x-rays. You will normally be given a treatment during this visit unless it is contraindicated. This appointment will normally take about 30 minutes.

Second Visit

Report of Findings

All the results from your examination and xrays are reviewed, and a personalised report is then prepared for you assessing your condition and outlining a recommended treatment program. This will normally take about 30 minutes and will include a treatment.

Your chiropractor Sydney and Top Ryde Chiropractor will discuss the different stages of your journey to wellness:

Stage 1: Alleviating Pain

The initial focus is to help remove any discomfort and enable the body to begin the healing process. Depending on your condition and your response to care you may be treated 2 to 3 times weekly for the first few months.

Stage 2: Restoring Balance

This is aimed at correcting imbalances allowing your muscles and other tissues the opportunity to heal and strengthen. During this step of your program, you may require an average of four to eight corrections monthly until your body can maintain the alignment on its own.

Step 3: Wellness Care

The aim here is to maintain wellness and prevent further injury, illness and pain. This is accomplished by ensuring your spinal correction, is maintained by treatments one or more times a month depending on your condition and lifestyle.

It is important for you during this time to ask any questions or to discuss any issues about your treatment.

Regular Visits

Regular visits will normally take about 15-20 minutes. During this time, you will be adjusted and your chiropractor Sydney will also address any joint, muscular or spinal conditions as needed. Feel free to communicate any concerns or questions you may have.

Some patients may experience results quickly while others find their healing takes several months or longer. Children usually respond more quickly while adults with severe or long-standing muscular skeletal and spinal problems heal more slowly.

Ongoing Care

Once your condition has stabilized regular visits are important to maintain your momentum. Missing visits can lead to a relapse. Regular Sydney and Ryde chiropractic care maintains the health of your spine and nervous system. Similarly we see the dentist and will do so for the rest of our lives to maintain our dental health.

Your time is precious so we always aim to run on time and minimise the impact on your busy life.


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